ASAT II System Multiservice and Multi-Waveform VSAT Platform

Advantech Wireless ASAT II™ System and its’ unique 3D BoD™ and WaveSwitch™ technologies delivers best possible service, highest quality and most efficient bandwidth utilization.

Multi-Application Platform
• Consumer Internet
• SME and remote branch office connectivity
• Industrial IoT and M2M applications
• Enterprise networks
• Trunk and cellular backhaul
• Broadcast contribution and distribution
• Mobile vehicular maritime and airborne applications
• Tactical military and defense applications

RCSX™ – Built on DVB-RCS, Expanded to Meet Real-Life Service Requirements

Based on interoperable DVB-RCS2 / RCS standards, ASAT II™ brings those extra capabilities providing best-of-breed MF-TDMA Return Link. • Industry most responsive allocation mechanism • Three waveforms seamlessly managed on shared bandwidth pool: DVB-RCS2 / RCS MF-TDMA, ASCPC™ near-SCPC long burst and true SCPC.

Advantech Wireless present Adaptive SCPC- ASCPC™, an access method that guarantees capacity using adaptive SCPC-like channels while enabling intelligent CIR oversubscription. Advantech Wireless ASCPC™ offers the Best Effective Channel Efficiency in the “middle-ground” by combining the best properties from SCPC and MF-TDMA. ASCPC™ is best suited for demanding interactive applications like VoIP, offering the same jitter and latency as SCPC, at the same time achieving significant level of Statistical Multiplexing Gain and is therefore permitting traffic oversubscription. ASCPC™ has the best performance for VoIP services, Remote Desktop, Corporate Connectivity, Video Streaming/videoconferencing, cellular Backhaul and more demanding applications.

WaveSwitch™ on-the-fly waveform and access method switching technology

As traffic characteristics change rapidly there is a constant demand for bandwidth changes and new application requirements. Satellite service providers struggle to decide which platform is most suitable to satisfy the varying needs of their customer applications, while optimizing bandwidth utilization. To address the high complexity of new generation satellite services without degrading service quality, Advantech Wireless introduced WaveSwitch™. This novel service modeling architecture dynamically optimizes waveform assignment to achieve the highest application performance, with minimum satellite bandwidth resources.

ASAT-II™ WaveSwitch™ is based on 3-dimentional BoD (Bandwidth on Demand) model, while factoring Bandwidth, Waveforms, and SLA. 3D BOD delivers the customers with the best possible service, in the highest quality and with most efficient bandwidth utilization.
Advantech Wireless practices optimal bandwidth management techniques in order to optimize bandwidth management availability to support multi service and variated SLA delivery. With multi service traffic flows, variety of applications, different traffic density rates, and varying bandwidth peaks, WaveSwitch™ achieves the best service quality and user experience to customers in the most bandwidth efficient means by combining the power of all 3 waveforms dynamically in real time manner.