Enhance Connectivity to do Business Anywhere

From enterprise communications to broadcasting to direct-to-home satellite TV and Internet, Advantech Wireless’ commercial broadband technologies enable you to expand your reach and connect with clients even across the most challenging geographies. Whether you’re organization needs a secure IP infrastructure and satellite broadband, or you’re building a cell tower on a remote island, and any business challenge in between, we can help you expand your network capabilities reliably and cost-effectively.


Distribute audio and visual content clearly and reliably using cutting edge solutions for stationary and mobile broadcast applications.

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Mobile Wireless, GSM & Satellite Backhaul

Topography or distance can limit communications. Advantech Wireless’ satellite backhaul solutions deliver voice and data to difficult or cost-prohibitive regions around the world.

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Enterprise & Corporate

Enhance your business communications with a flexible, scalable and reliable solution that reduces CAPEX and OPEX.

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Oil & Gas

Energy clients need reliable technologies that can withstand the challenges of austere environments. Advantech delivers results

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Homeland Security

Our innovative technologies empower border patrol in the field, helping keep citizens safe and borders secure.

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Marine, Maritime & Cruise Ships

On the open ocean, reliable communication is essential. Maritime clients depend on Advantech Wireless technologies to stay in touch at sea.

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Disaster Recovery & Emergency Management

Experience fast, secure and reliable crisis communication with the flexibility, versatility and quick deployment of satellite solutions.

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Government & Military

From behind enemy lines to command centers back home, Government and Military leaders trust Advantech to keep forces connected.

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Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite Television & Internet

Enjoy Direct-to-Home satellite television and Internet at a fraction of the cost with Advantech’s leading innovations.

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Distribute your Message to the Masses

Communication Solutions

Utilize our proven expertise and technologies in broadcast and direct-to-home satellite television and Internet to gather content and broadcast your message to audiences across the globe. Our communication solutions are designed to ensure you’re maximizing reach.

Wireless Innovations

Likewise, Advantech Wireless solutions are providing maritime clients with the freedom to connect over vast distances at sea.  In the past, cruise ships could offer only basic internet and telephone services. Thanks to Advantech Wireless’ innovations, ships now offer broadband internet access enabling passengers to stay connected while at sea. This requires more power, which traditionally, would mean more space to accommodate size and cooling, but thanks to our GaN technology we deliver higher power without compromising space.

Our Commercial Products


RF Converters, Amplifiers & BUCs

Our Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) provide the highest output power out of all SSPAs on the market.



Our mobile antenna systems offer industry-leading performance and unmatched quality for on-the-move communications.



Utilize our microwave radios for all of your broadcast backhaul needs. Our radios provide a smooth transition from ASI to IP.

Achieve Your Business Connectivity Goals

Learn more about our commercial solutions or search our products, to find the right technology to match your specific requirements.

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