Critical Infrastructure & Government

Freedom to Connect when Lives Are on the Line

Our commitment to reliability

Advantech Wireless’ solutions are designed to support and meet the needs of critical infrastructure & government agencies. From assisting police departments and emergency response personnel to empowering government agencies to better serve and engage their citizens, our wireless broadband communication solutions provide rugged, reliable and cost-effective connectivity that you can count on when it matters most. When disaster strikes, emergency responders need to know that their communications equipment will not malfunction.

Cost Effective Solutions

Advantech Wireless’ solutions offer the high performance and dependability responders need. Our technologies have empowered responders during earthquakes and hurricanes, wild fires and periods of political unrest. Our commitment to reliability gives leaders peace of mind.

Likewise, in today’s era of diminished budgets and enhanced expectations, government leaders need solutions that are cost-effective, and offer superior performance. Advantech Wireless delivers the results government leaders need to accomplish mission objectives and enhance citizen engagement.


Our public sector reach includes:

  • Transportation
  • Power & Energy
  • Emergency Services
  • Banking & Finance
  • Federal & Municipal Services
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Public Safety & Works
  • Agriculture & Food


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Our Commercial Products


RF Converters, Amplifiers & BUCs

Our Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) provide the highest output power out of all SSPAs on the market.



Our mobile antenna systems offer industry-leading performance and unmatched quality for on-the-move communications.



Utilize our microwave radios for all of your broadcast backhaul needs. Our radios provide a smooth transition from ASI to IP.

Discover the Solution that Meets Your Needs

We invite you to contact us to discuss options ways in which our specialized solutions can meet challenges for your agency or organization. We’ll help you attain the freedom to connect when it matters most.

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