IBR-L 7 Satellite Beacon Receiver


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The IBR-L7 is designed to be fitted integral to the INTRAC range of antenna controllers, it is tuned to the nominal down converted L-Band beacon signal by the INTRAC. The frequency may be set from the INTRAC front panel or from a remote control terminal. The receiver is a high performance FFT based unit that searches a range 80kHz either side of the nominal frequency for the largest signal in a 3kHz resolution bandwidth. It continuously measures the level of that signal and passes it to the INTRAC unit as an analogue voltage. Lock time is under 1 second. The INTRAC, in conjunction with the IBRL 7, uses sophisticated measuring techniques to track the satellite using the beacon level information. The IBR-L7 unit is digitally controlled using advanced algorithms which ensure that the receiver locks rapidly and reliably onto the main beacon. The unit can be used to replace the earlier IBR-L5 in INTRAC controllers.

IBR-L 7 Features

  • Covers full, extended, L-band frequency range
  • Works with, and locates inside, the INTRAC 105, 205, 305, 505 and 605
  • Beacon frequency is set from INTRAC front panel or via INTRAC M&C port
  • Power is supplied from the host INTRAC
  • Minimum input level ‰-80dBm
  • Lock lost output
  • Rapid Lock time (<1s)
  • AFC range ? 80kHz

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