INTRAC 605 Antenna Controller Unit Monopulse Antenna Tracking Controller for Antennas up to 35 meters


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The INTRAC‰™ 605 Monopulse Antenna Controller enables satellite earth station antennas to accurately track geosynchronous satellites with orbital inclinations up to and beyond 10. The system offers superior tracking integrity with a full continuous servo control suitable for all antennas up to 35m diameter. The system comprises two interconnected units, the INTRAC ACU and the Monopulse Interface unit (MIU) that together implement Monopulse tracking supplemented by the INTRAC (INtelligent TRacking Antenna Control) algorithm, which has been developed and refined over a 20-year period. In the event of monopulse receiver failure, It provides an alternative tracking system with an accuracy accuracy comparable to monopulse that exhibits exceptional immunity to propagation disturbances and fades and maintains reliable pointing accuracy even at low angles of elevation in regions of high scintillation.

The INTRAC 605 is compatible with INTELSAT and EUTELSAT SCPC tracking specifications and is resilient to loss of tracking and monoplulse signals; the unit will maintain tracking integrity by predicting from its internal model for blackout periods up to 72 hours. The non-volatile memory ensures that accurate tracking is resumed after power failure The system features full remote monitoring and control via a remote control interface as well as full front panel control and supports a wide range selectable operating modes, including satellite acquisition and operation in program track mode using INTELSAT IESS-412 or NORAD data.

The continuous servo control enables a fully variable speed manual control capability. The INTRAC 605 offers full servo dual main axis (including counter torque systems) and polarization control. It drives both main axes simultaneously and continuously while maintaining an average tracking signal degradation less than 0.05dB. It also offers a wide range of auxiliary output options and interlocks, including stow pin drive, brake control and preliminary limit switches (in addition to normal final limits and soft limits). The INTRAC 605 features a large, multi-line backlit display and can be supplied with an integral L-Band beacon receiver (single channel for INTRAC algorithm tracking).


  • High performance, maximum flexibility and high reliability for antennas up to 35 meters in diameter
  • Monopulse tracking backed up by INTRAC‰™ orbit modelling algorithm offers the highest tracking Integrity
  • Full continuous servo control of both axes simultaneously
  • Accurately tracks satellites with orbital inclinations up to and beyond 10å¡
  • Average tracking signal degradation less than 0.05dB
  • Accepts very high-resolution optical encoders (up to 21 bits, 0.5 arc second). Options to use high-resolution resolvers (19 bits, 2 arc seconds).
  • Compatible with INTELSAT and EUTELSAT SCPC tracking specifications
  • INTRAC algorithm tolerates signal fluctuations that defeat step track and memory track controllers
  • Resilient to tracking or monopulse signal loss, maintaining tracking integrity for up to 72 hours by predicting from internal model.
  • Non-volatile memory ensures tracking is resumed after power failure

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