IPOINT-S2 Antenna Controller Unit For DC Motor Driven Antennas up to 2.4 meters


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The IPOINT-S2TM Auto-Acquisition Antenna Controller is designed as an OEM product for satellite communication system providers or antenna manufacturers and can be supplied in a configuration to suit most antennas. It uses a sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm to confirm and refine its heading information using visible satellites. The method used to search for and identify satellites is easily configured by the system integrator optimizing satellite acquisition for the user’s specific environment.

Support for industry standard position transducers and versatile configuration options allow the IPOINT-S2TM to be integrated on to most antennas regardless of geometry, drive rate, and transducer resolution. Multiple stow methods are supported, including a fourth axis. The controller is mounted on the antenna structure negating the need for long cable runs. A separate power supply and control panel are located in a rack mount unit for mounting within the equipment area.


  • One Button Press Auto-Deploy & Acquisition
  • Can Deploy and Acquire in less than 3 minutes
  • Low cost, High performance, Reliable satellite
  • Supports Fly-away, Drive-away, Static antennas
  • Simultaneous Dual Axis drive
  • Directly drives 24V DC motors up to 15A
  • Uses industry standard position transducers
  • Antennas up to 2.4m
  • Supports L,C,X,Ku,Ka-bands
  • Inclusive full instrumentation package determines
    location, heading, and pitch & roll
  • Beacon receiver support
  • Fully RoHS compliant

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