Winter Promotion – Advantech Wireless SSPAs, SSPBs and Converters

Advantech Wireless’ production facility is very busy at the moment.
To make room for all new activity, Advantech Wireless has limited existing stock at reduced prices.
These are specific units, new condition and available to ship immediately (subject to terms). Not able to modify any options fitted.

Advantech Wireless stock includes:

  • Ku-Band SSPBs – 250W; 125W (SSPA); 30W; 20W.
  • Ext Ku-Band SSPBs –40W; 25W; 1250W; 16W.
  • Low Ku-Band SSPBs – 40W.
  • X-Band SSPBs – 12W; 25W; 50W.
  • Ci-Band SSPBs – 40W.
  • C-Band SSPBs – 100W; 150W; 400W (rackmount).
  • L to Ka-Band outdoor converters.
  • C/Ku-Band Test loop converters.
  • Also various rackmount frequency converters.


For detailed information on any specific unit, please Contact us or Request a Quote.