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IPOINT™ is a one button auto-acquire antenna control system. It uses GPS, a simple electronic compass, a Reference DVB signal and a sophisticated pattern algorithm to obtain its precise location on the earth relative to the satellite and then acquires your target satellite which if required can also be identified by the pattern algorithm for guaranteed satellite lock.

The speed of the IPOINT™ depends on the distance between your target and reference and of course the speed of the antenna mechanics. With the Advantech range of antennas acquisition in normal operation is between 1.5 and 3 minutes.

Anywhere they can see a satellite!

As the most of the antenna systems are have an IPOINTTM antenna controller at the heart, a simple single button press is all that is required.

The difference between the models is application the PIONEER Class has been designed for a DSNG environment where power and aesthetics are key with its large RF payloads and aerodynamic enclosure it is perfect for a demanding broadcast environment. The ENTERPRISE Class is mechanically identical to the PIONEER Class however it has been “down tuned” for the cost effective VSAT market where RF power requirements are lower and tend to be directly boom mounted and where functionality and lower cost are key.

When four wheels just doesn’t cut it the INTREPID Class comes into its own! The INTREPID Class is a truly portable Fly-away antenna system in it’s DSNG form it can be dismantled and checked as “hand-baggage” and in its low cost VSAT form can be packed in the back of most commercial vans.

What you get depends on what you order; Advantech can supply basic antennas to fully integrated and tested Antenna Systems ready to use! In the main the basic antenna system is supplied with a fully integrated IPOINTTM controller, Front panel user interface with integrated antenna PSU, Waveguide run to RF area (either on boom, in the base or behind the dish depending on model). All you need to add is your choice of LNB and RF.

The antenna systems are designed to be operate at -30°c to 60°c (-22°F to 140°F) and up to 75km/h (45mph).

The Advantech Antenna Systems are manufactured in Canada from a proven UK design; what sets them apart from the competition is.

  • Speed of Acquisition
  • Simultaneous Azimuth and Elevation Drive
  • Application specific design
  • Fully integrated drive mechanisms
  • Very low back-lash (0.06deg Max)
  • Available with or without RF and other subsystems
  • Fully enclosed RF payload bay ( PIONEER ClassTM )

We have several demon antenna systems located around the world for customers to try before they buy, to book your demo please email

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