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Advantech Wireless Technologies is truly a global company. Our innovative solutions have continuously enhanced global communication over the past 25 years, and we continue to lead the wireless revolution with new products that help people connect more clearly and reliably, from the most remote regions to the world’s busiest cities. With presence in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Advantech Wireless maintains a thriving global reach, with deep roots in local communities. As a result, we have deployed equipment for thousands of ground systems in over 150 countries.

Advantech Wireless’ engineers, technicians and salespeople represent the industry’s most diverse workforce, with talented professionals hailing from nearly every continent.

This broad global perspective, and vibrant diversity helps us provide the highest levels of service to our clients. We understand your challenges, we speak your language and we’re able to provide support when and where you need it most.


Enhancing Connectivity to Drive Global Commerce

Enhancing Connectivity to Drive Global Commerce

Whether we are designing smarter solutions that enable emergency responders to act quickly, or delivering expeditionary portable solutions to give military special forces teams the freedom to perform where others cannot, leaders trust Advantech Wireless to deliver results.

We strive to help people communicate and share information across the globe by developing innovative ways to overcome daunting communication challenges such as reach, distance and cost. That is why we maintain such a large global presence.

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Regardless of distance, we can help you stay in touch. Find out how Advantech Wireless Technologies can design a smarter solution that gives you the freedom to extend your reach economically and reliably.

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