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“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit
when there are footprints on the moon”.
– Paul Brandt

In 2017, NASA announced the launch of ARTEMIS, an ambitious program comprised of multiple missions intended to establish a permanent colony on the moon. Advantech Wireless Technologies (AWT) was initially contracted to provide high-power solid state amplifiers designed to operate over the special NASA frequencies used to support spacecraft operating in cislunar space (earth’s surface to 2 million Km out). This was followed by an award for X-band amplifier systems to be installed in the Lunar Exploration Ground Sites (LEGS). As a result, AWT has developed a COTS line of S, L/S and low X-band SSPAs and Frequency Converters in various power levels and redundancy schemes to support all Near Space Network (NSN) and Deep Space Network (DSN) applications.


AWT specializes, not only in high-power solid state amplifier systems, but also in custom frame architectures for Pad, hub, counterbalance (side arm) and platform mounting schemes. AWT Engineering will work with any antenna manufacturer to design a solution that optimizes performance, insertion loss management and accessibility.

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