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Freedom to Stay In Touch While at Sea

Traveling on the open seas presents unique challenges to ensuring continuous high-speed data transfer and communications relay but, once solved, offer valuable revenue streams to ship operators and the ability to operate those ships more efficiently. Smarter satellite communications technologies play a vital role maintaining maritime connectivity.

At Advantech Wireless Technologies, we provide the most advanced technologies on the market today supporting maritime & cruise ships. Our goal is to provide the same high level of always-on television, high-speed Internet connection, VoIP telephone, email and data access as clients enjoy on land.

Whether hauling tons of cargo or on a pleasure cruise, Advantech Wireless’ broadband solutions enable ships at sea to maintain constant, high-quality connectivity. Plus, all of our technologies are designed to withstand the harsh environments of the maritime domain.

Vessels at sea rely heavily on broadband connectivity to stay in touch with operations on land, increasing work productivity and improving quality of life while out at sea. For the super-yacht market, a high quality communications capability is essential to enabling customers to use the vessel. Advantech Wireless’ technology gives crews the freedom to sail with constant connectivity. Our smarter solutions improve the operational efficiency on board the vessel while providing improved access and interaction with communication centers on shore.


Smaller Size, Higher Power, Lower Heat: GaN-based SSPAS and BUCs

Cruise ship clients deserve higher bandwidth while out at sea. This is fast becoming a key decision point guiding future vessel choice for both passengers and crew. Many vessels are upgrading from basic Internet access to broadband, basic telephone service to sophisticated VoIP services, and more importantly from SD video to full HD video capabilities.

Consequently, this requires more power, which traditionally would have required more space and cooling to accommodate the increased size and heat. Advantech Wireless GaN-based SSPAs and BUCs are ideal for maritime applications because they offer higher power with lower heat emission, all in a much smaller and more adaptable footprint. Our revolutionary GaN technology is the ideal solution for cruise ship connectivity, and has demonstrated to be reliable and resilient to prolonged harsh environmental conditions.

Improve Maritime Communication with Smarter Solutions

Advantech Wireless’ advanced technologies can improve your maritime Connectivity.

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