We have taken Summit to new heights


Kilowatts of Solid State RF

Highest Availability

Lowest MTTR

No Single Point of Failure

Available in C, X, Ku and S-Band Architectures

The Summit II High-Power, Modular, Soft-Fail Redundant SSPA systems from Advantech Wireless Technologies are high power, wide bandwidth, all outdoor ruggedized systems that allow operation with multiple carriers and outstanding linearity.


The new modular Summit II system is comprised of 4, 8 or 16 amplifiers that are phase combined into a single amplifier that can generate extremely high levels of RF output power – up to 10,000 watts or more. Summit II is available in C, X, Ku and S-band architectures.

Summit versus Summit II

Summit systems have been produced by Advantech Wireless Technologies for over 7 years. First generation Summit systems are still available for GaAs applications that will be deployed in wide carrier-spacing scenarios.

Though the features between Summit and Summit II are similar, Summit II incorporates the latest in RF and control technologies.

The Summit II systems are comprised of modules that are housed in our Taurus SSPA package. As a result, Summit II is approximately 30% smaller and lighter – the perfect solution for antenna-platform mounting. 

Taurus provides optimized thermal management and high-efficiency waveguide combining that includes isolation from the transistor boards.

Advantech’s latest CANBus operating system provides fast inter-component communications as well as the ability to perform device-level diagnostics.

Summit II Features

Modularity allows systems to be upgraded in the field

Flying-Master Control Redundancy

Lightning-fast monitor & control with diagnostics down to the transistor-level

Half of the time required for system integration and test

Interactive touch-screen controller

Controlled Area Network (CAN) BUS M&C Protocol

Ideally suited for large embedded systems

Summit II At-a-Glance

C-Band SUMMIT II Power Output


X-Band SUMMIT II Power Output


Ku-Band SUMMIT II Power Output


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