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Direct-to-Home Satellite Television & Internet

Enjoy the Freedom of Direct-to-Home Satellite Television & Internet at a Fraction of the Cost

The efficient delivery of television and radio content to consumers’ homes is one of the oldest and most widespread applications of communications satellites, joined in recent years by the provision of Internet services for both business and personal use.

Many believe that such well-established applications offer little room for innovation, but Advantech Wireless has proven otherwise. Our award winning technologies and smarter solutions have demonstrated the ability to dramatically reduce the costs of delivering such services and help to expand the consumer base.

Bringing high-quality content to the largest possible subscriber base is one of the main goals of Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite Television and Internet services, however, the bandwidth pipe over satellite is limited and could impose a hard limit on quality, subscriber coverage and growth.

Advantech Wireless is leading the industry by designing smarter solutions to enable today’s Television Ultra High Definition. Content distributors trust Advantech Wireless to make the most of their resources by maximizing quality and reach, while minimizing costs.

Regardless of where in the world your home may be located, Advantech Wireless’ innovative technology can deliver maximum bandwidth for maximum high defining streaming performance.

Our Smarter DTH Solutions are:

  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Efficient

Advantech Wireless DTH Solutions Include:

  • GaN-based SapphireBlu™
  • 1250 Ku-Band GaN SSPA
  • Point to Point Microwave
  • Mobile Antenna

Freedom to Enjoy High Definition Regardless of Where Home May Be

Connect, explore and share your data with Advantech Wireless’ advanced Direct-to-Home solutions. We can deliver a satellite television and Internet solution that keeps you in touch.

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