10kW S-Band Second Generation GaN based Solid State Pulse Amplifier MODEL APRA-S10000B


  • Modular architecture with built in redundancy for high reliability
  • Fast pulse rise/fall times (<100 ns)
  • Duty cycle up to 10%
  • Minimal pulse droop (<1% @ 100 µs)
  • High stability (phase and amplitude)
  • Gain compensation over temperature
  • Remote monitor and control capability via RS485 (Ethernet port optional).
  • Input and output sample monitor ports
  • Power factor correction
  • Hot swappable elements
  • No rear access required for operation or maintenance



The Advantech Wireless Model APRA-S10000B, Second Generation GaN based S-Band solid-state pulse amplifier operates over the band of 2.9 – 3.1 GHz and it is designed for Military Grade Radar Systems. The peak power at the output connector is 10,000W.  The APRA-S10000B is a fully modular system with built in redundancy.  The design of the product is based on Advantech’s tradition of high power and high efficiency line of amplifiers.

Built-in features such as duty cycle monitor and pulse width monitor ensure trouble free operation.



The design of the APRA pulse amplifier is based on Advantech Wireless’ industry proven reliable solid state power amplifiers. The following is a description of the system elements and their salient features:

The APRA pulse amplifier contains the following elements:

  • Redundant Input/Driver Module
  • Splitter panel, one per amplifier chassis
  • RF chassis each containing four 1.5 kW pulse amplifier modules
  • Power supply modular package, one per amplifier chassis
  • Two High-power 4:1 Combiners
  • High Power waveguide combiner

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