500W C-Band Rack-mount Dual Mode SSPA for Electron Accelerators – CW or Pulsed Mode

Designed for modern, high performance Electron Accelerator Facilities


  • Can operate in dual mode CW or Pulsed
  • Exceptionally low Pulse –to –Pulse Jitter
  • Integrated Oxygen Free Copper, High Pressure, Liquid Cooling System
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Continuous Temperature gain compensation , Zero gain step discontinuity
  • Automatic over-temperature shutdown
  • Automatic high reflected power shutdown
  • Infinite VSWR protection
  • Power factor correction
  • CE Marking



The featured SSPAs are designed for Electron Accelerator Scientific Facilities. The units are intended as drivers for Very High Power Magnetrons used inside the multistage acceleration section of the facility. The key parameter that enables this technology is the extreme low pulse-to-pulse jitter performance of these SSPAs.  The units can operate either in Pulse Mode, or Constant Wave (CW) The amplifiers are cooled using an advanced built in water cooling system, which is corrosion free in presence of high chemically aggressive cooling liquids, as typically used in Electron Accelerators.



  • Redundancy Kit
  • Shelf slides
  • Remote M&C panel (Ethernet port optional)
  • Other frequencies are available on request



With the addition of the appropriate waveguide and switch kit, theABPA-C500 amplifiers can be easily converted for the operation in 1:1 redundant configuration without the use of any external controller. Full remote Monitor and Control of the redundant system is accessible via the serial port (RS-485).

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