S-Band Rack-mount 150W to 250W ARMA-2000S series


The ARMA-2000S series are the rack-mount solid-state power amplifiers (SSPAs), operating in S-Band frequency range. The amplifier is an integrated unit, complete with power supply and cooling system. Intended for indoor operation, the amplifiers are of compact size and occupy four rack-mounting spaces (4 RU – 7‰”) of a standard 19-inch rack. Built-in microprocessor controller provides capability for serial port interfaces (RS485) for remote monitoring and control. Advantech‰’s SSPAs set the industry standard for linearity and operating efficiency. Built-in design features and assembly methods incorporated with efficient combining techniques result in the trouble-free operation of the amplifier.


  • High gain and linearity
  • Output power up to 250W
  • Gain adjustment (Local & Remote)
  • Remote Monitor & Control (Local & Remote)
  • Output sample monitor port
  • Temperature gain compensation
  • Automatic over-temperature shutdown
  • Automatic high reflected power shutdown
  • Infinite VSWR protection
  • Power factor correction
  • CE Marking


The featured SSPAs are designed for S-Band satellite up-link applications. They are designed for 19-inch rack mounting in a protected environment. The ARMA-2000S series are available in output power from 50W to 1000W. For higher power Advantech provides phase-combined systems. Other SSPAs are available for operation at other satellite frequency bands. With all the features of the ARMA-2000S, Advantech also offers a built-in converter.


With the addition of the appropriate waveguide and switch kit, the ARMA-2000S amplifiers can be easily converted for the operation in 1:1 redundant configuration without the use of any external controller. Full remote Monitor and Control of the redundant system is accessible via the serial port (RS-485).


  • 1:1 or 1:2 Redundant configuration
  • Phase combined systems for higher power
  • L-Band input (SSPB/BUC operation)
  • SNMP interface


  • Mounting slides
  • Remote M&C panel

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