The Ultimate in Solid-State High-Power Amplification

The advantages of Advantech Wireless Technologies are clear.

  • Available in Power Levels of 10 kW+
  • GaN and GaAs Configurations
  • Ku, X and C Bands
  • Soft-Fail (Switchless) Redundancy
  • Modular Architecture with Field-Removable Power Supplies
  • Highest Availability in the Industry

Designed to be used as a direct replacement of Klystrons or TWTs (travelling wave tubes)

These high power, wide bandwidth, all outdoor ruggedized systems will allow operation with multiple carriers and outstanding linearity. The new modular Summit systems have built-in redundancy with soft failure mode and operate simultaneously on both polarizations or on a single polarization with double the amount of power.

The High-Power, Modular, Soft-Fail Redundant SSPA system from Advantech Wireless Technologies provides availability in the hundreds of thousands of hours.

The SUMMIT system is comprised of 8 or 16 amplifiers that are phase combined into a single amplifier that can generate extremely high levels of RF output power – up to 10,000 watts or more. A SUMMIT SSPA system is typically sized to reach the required power-levels with 7 active modules for the 8-module system or 15 active modules for the 16-module system.

In the event of an amplifier failure during service with all amplifiers operational, SUMMIT senses the failure and adjusts the outputs of the remaining amplifiers to compensate for the loss so that the system’s total RF output remains unchanged. The modular architecture of Summit allows the failed amplifier to be removed and replaced without service-interruption.

SUMMIT is available in C, X and Ku-band architectures and in both outdoor (antenna pad) and indoor (rack mount) configurations.

The advantages of Advantech Wireless Technologies are clear

Ku Band 3200W BUC SSPB SSPA GaN-2018

3200W Ku-Band BUC/SSPB/SSPA – Second Generation GaN Technology

Ku Band 3200W BUC SSPB SSPA GaN-2018

2500W Ku-Band BUC/SSPB/SSPA – Second Generation GaN Technology

C Band 6600W BUC SSPB SSPA Rackmount GaN-2018

C-Band 6,600W BUC/SSPB/SSPA Rackmount Modular Series

X Band 6600W BUC SSPB SSPA Rackmount GaN-2018

X-Band 6,600W BUC/SSPB/SSPA Rackmount UltraLinear™ Modular SapphireBlu™ Series GaN Technology


3,000W C-Band Hubmount Summit / UltraLinear SSPA/ SSPB


Advantech Wireless Technologies Delivers Its 3.2kW Ku-Band Outdoor Modular Summit SSPA to a Major DTH Broadcaster

Advantech Wireless receives Over One Million Dollars in Order of its Sapphireblu Series 1,250W Ku-Band Satellite SSPA Systems

New 3.2kW Ku-Band Outdoor Modular Satellite GaN SSPA System Receives Orders

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