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Enabling Faster & More Secure Communications for Military & Government Leaders

At Advantech Wireless Technologies, we have over 25 years of experience enabling military forces and government agencies, delivering cutting-edge innovations in communications that solve mission critical communications challenges. We understand the challenges that government & military leaders face and our technologies empower them with the freedom to communicate quickly, reliably and securely.


Trusted Partner Delivering Results

We provide diverse and extensive technologies with proven flexibility to deliver video, voice and data transmissions to mobile groups of personnel anywhere and at anytime. The ability to quickly deploy and manage a network that can easily be scaled without the restrictions of an existing communications infrastructure is essential to both military and government operations. Advantech Wireless gives leaders the freedom to accomplish mission objectives rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Trusted Partner Delivering Results

With partners in over 100 countries, government and military leaders trust Advantech Wireless Technologies to deliver fast, reliable and secure global satellite and wireless communication capabilities. Whether we’re supporting troops overseas by enhancing communication with command centers, or simply providing smarter solutions to help soldiers to connect with loved ones back home, our solutions are flexible to meet your needs and requirements and guaranteed to deliver results. By providing quick-deploy, always-on broadband communications, Advantech Wireless’ antennas, and amplifiers provide government and military leaders with the most advanced technologies in the industry.


  • Multi-band, C, X, Ku, Ka-bands
  • High to Low Power, Transceivers, BUCs, SSPAs
  • Point-to-Point Radio, High-speed, High-throughput
  • Manpacked/Deployable
  • Communications-On-The-Move (COTM) terminals



X-Band Outdoor GaN


X-Band Indoor GaN

Advantech Wireless Military & Government Innovations Include:

Pulse Amplifier
Antenna Systems

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