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1:1 LNB Redundant System – ARK Line


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1:1 LNB Redundant System

C/Ku/X – Band



The Advantech Redundant System for the LNB provides a highly reliable redundancy switching capability for outdoor LNBs. Advantech Redundancy Switching equipment performs switching operations when a fault is detected at either LNB in active mode. The switchover to an operational unit, in standby mode, can be automatic or manually controlled by the operator. The Advantech Redundant System also includes remote monitoring and control functions via RS485, RS232 or Ethernet interface. With the advanced customer interface and HTTP embedded web page, the operator is able to monitor and control the LNB and the System Redundancy from a web browser.


  • 1:1 switching logic built into the external Controller
  • Fully Assembled for easy field installation
  • Single or redundant outdoor power supply
  • Web page/SNMP
  • RS485/232/Ethernet
  • Fixed DC 20V to LNB
  • Optional Remote M&C Unit

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