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Ka-Band LNA ALNA-Ka series


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  • Ka-Band (18.2 – 20.2GHz or 20.2-21.2 GHz)
  • HJ FET Technology
  • Over 200,000 Hours MTBF
  • Built-in Regulator 11-15V DC (11-24V DC option) operation
  • Single or redundant operation
  • Pressurizable W/G Input
  • Extreme operating temperature
  • Weatherproof housing


The Advantech Wireless Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) ALNA-Ka™ is a low noise, highly dynamic range amplifier suitable for use in satellite earth station receiver applications where ultra-low noise and high reliability are critical, as well as in other systems operating in the frequency range of 18.2 – 20.2GHz or 20.2-21.2 GHz.

The LNA combines low noise with high linearity and wide band. The Ka-band LNA is available with Noise temperature ranging from 100K to 120K. With weather proved packaging, the LNA can meet the demands of the installations in severe environmental conditions.

The 1:1 and 1:2 redundant system configurations can be provided. They require special Redundancy Kit.

The Advantech Wireless LNA provides an industry leading MTBF of over 200,000 hours.


  • Input Isolator
  • Redundant operation

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