1:N Switch Controller for Frequency Converters


The ARSC Switch Controller for Frequency Converters will handle up to twelve frequency converters and one backup frequency converter for IF input /RF output switching. Use of the Switch Controller for Frequency Converters allows the number of frequency converters to be increased or decreased simply by connecting or disconnecting the frequency converter with its associated IF input /RF output switches.


  • One rack unit (1RU) compact shelf
  • Low cost for up to 1:12 switching control
  • Scalability: 1:2 ‰- 1:12
  • Fast alarm detection and switch
  • Configuration of each converter is stored and updated
  • Single RS-485 port for all controller units
  • An additional RS-485 M&C port for remote control or an integrated M&C system
  • Front panel display of status and control functions


The ARSC Switch Controller for Frequency Converters is a compact shelf assembly designed to provide logic and control of IF input switch units and RF output switch units. The switch controller will provide ‰”daisy chain‰” type 1:N (N is 2~12) protect switching for a group of frequency converters. If one on-line frequency converter fails, it will immediately send an alarm by a dedicated line in the ribbon daisy-chain cable to the Switch Controller. At almost same time, the Switch Controller will send switch commands to relevant IF input & RF output switches and configuration information including frequency and attenuation of failed frequency converter to the backup frequency converter before it will be switched to be on-line. Typically, total switch time will be less than 50ms.


  • Discrete Interface
  • Ethernet port and SNMP Interface

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