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300W/400W/500W Ku-Band SSPA/SSPB Rackmount GaN Technology – Super Compact SG Series

300W/ 400W /500W Ku-Band Indoor BUC/SSPB/SSPA
GaN Technology SapphireBlu™



  • Output power of 300W, 400W or 500W in a compact single package
  • High linearity
  • Redundant ready with no external controller
  • Full M&C capability via RS232, RS485
  • Built-in Forward and Reflected precision power metering
  • Output RF calibrated Sample Port
  • Redundant Systems shipped fully tested
  • Infinite VSWR protection with automatic high reflected power shutdown
  • Detachable power supply module
  • 19” Rackmount, 5RU, 28” deep
  • CE marking


  • 1:1 or 1:2 Redundant configuration
  • L-Band input (SSPB/BUC operation)
  • Internal/External reference with auto-sensing
  • Ethernet port


  • Mounting Slides
  • Remote M&C panel with optional SNMP
  • Flexible and rigid waveguides


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