L-Band – 720MHz Synthesized Frequency Converter


  • 720 +/- 200 MHz to 800-1550 MHz Up-Converter or Down-Converter
  • Cost effective solution
  • Exceeds by 15 dB  IESS 308/309 phase noise requirements
  • High linearity
  • Front panel control (local)
  • Full remote control (remote)


The ARUN-720L and ARDN-L720 Up-Converters and Down-Converters from Advantech Wireless Technologies, are designed to translate the 720 +/- 200 MHz band to 800-1550 MHz, with 100 KHz step size.

This frequency change provides a low cost alternative for using off-the-shelf, satellite based, Block-Up Converters or Block-Down Converters that usually include an L-band input or output within 800-1550 MHz.

The purpose is to reduce the high level of customization and the overall cost, for the new generation of MEO and LEO constellations of satellites, in particular those used for earth imagery and weather forecast.

These advanced frequency converters provide a bridge between high data rate 720MHz modems and conventional off-the-shelf satellite X-band hardware.



  • Ethernet M&C with SNMP or Web page
  • Rack-Mount set of slides


  • High data links over satellite
  • LEO or MEO constellations
  • Earth imagery
  • Weather forecast


Single Up-Converter ARUN- 720L
Single Down-Converter ARDN-L720

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