Remote Monitor and Control Panel for SSPAs, BUCs & Transceivers


  • Programmable for a variety of Satcom applications
  • Front panel display of key operating parameters
  • 1RU height
  • Interface for remote monitoring and controlling of systems via RS485 or Ethernet
  • Field programmable firmware via RS232 port (RJ11 front panel) or Ethernet
  • Redundant Power supplies


  • Ethernet interface via RJ45, with SNMP 3.1, TELNET and Web Interface


  • RS485/RS232/USB Adapter Kit
  • 30 feet RS485 COM cable
  • 300 feet RS485 COM cable


In the Advantech Wireless redundant SSPA systems, the internal controller in each SSPA unit performs the role of redundancy control. The family of Remote Control Panels is provided as accessories for remote monitoring and manual control of the system parameters. A variety of operating options are available to cover a multitude of systems

All redundancy functionality resides in SSPAs or BUCs, not in this panel. This remote control panel is used for the control and display of operational parameters of the monitored system, mimicking position of the redundancy switches.

The front panel LED and Display provide full access to the operating parameters of the system being monitored and provides with capability of changing the operating parameters.  The rear panel of the nits holds all external communications connectors including parallel discrete interface (DP9 F), RS485 Slave – RS485DCE (DB9 F), RS485 DTE (DB9 M), optional Ethernet and two AC connectors (85 – 264 VAC).

The Serial RS485 Slave Interface is used for the connection to a Network Management System (NMS) or to a PC. The M&C panel will be the slave and the NMS (or PC) will be the master in this configuration.

The Keypad is used to navigate through the various menus provided by the alpha-numeric display.

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