S-Band Satellite Test Loop Translator ATLT-S100 model


The Advantech Wireless Satellite Test Loop Translators ATLT-S100 models are available in variety of operating bands. The units are designed for testing satellite communications links. They simulate the satellite by band-translating the uplink frequencies to down link frequency. A single band ATLT unit works with 2025-2120 MHz operating frequency band, translating it to 2199-2303 MHz, ready to be processed by the demodulator. Other frequency bands are also available. Please consult factory. The flexible and comprehensive monitor and control features on the ATLT-S100 ensure that it will fit into any network management system architecture. The user-friendly front panel or the RS485 remote interface will provide full set-up and fault monitoring facilities. The translator unit is housed in 19″ 1U shelf. It is designed to meet the phase noise and frequency stability requirements of the satellite communications industry.


  • Converts S-band 2025 -2120 MHz to 2199-2303 MHz
  • User adjustable LO frequency with 1kHz step size
  • Cost effective solution
  • 10 MHz high stability internal reference
  • Front panel control (local)
  • Full remote control (remote)


  • 10 MHz internal/external reference with Autosensing
  • Ethernet SNMP Monitoring and Control
  • Other operating bands, please consult factory

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