X-Band 800W GaN based BUC/SSPB/SSPA Rackmount

X-Band 800W/1000W
GaN based BUC/SSPB/SSPA Rackmount


Designed for use primarily in satellite communications applications. These units are characterized by high linearity and high power efficiency, as well as excellent thermal efficiency and dependability over the full operating temperature range.

 X-Band GaN: 800W / 1000W



  • Redundancy ready
  • Light weight and compact – highest power density on the market
  • High thermal dissipation efficiency
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • High Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF over 100K hours)
  • Monitor & Control Interface
  • Serial and Analog M&C
  • Internet web page interface
  • Alarms: Voltage/Current/Temperature/Summary
  • Control: Mute/Gain
  • RF power detection



  • Frequency range options available
  • 1:1 and 1:2 Redundancy Systems
  • Extended Warranty
  • BUC: BUILT IN with or without internal 10 MHz ref

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