Homeland Security

Smarter Solutions Give You the Freedom to Keep Citizens Safe and Borders Secure

Securing the borders of an area, either national or industrial, often becomes an extremely large-scale effort. To reduce the personnel and investment required, it has become common to deploy sensors and cameras, both fixed and mobile, however, these can result in large amounts of data needing to be returned for analysis. Advantech Wireless Technologies’ solutions are designed to efficiently transfer such data, via both satellite and microwave links securely and efficiently. This way, Homeland Security personnel can direct their focus and resources toward maintaining border control.

By providing quick-deploying, always-on broadband communications, Advantech Wireless Technologies’ antennas, amplifiers support border and infrastructure control, government functions, transportation security and intelligence gathering.

When security of a nation’s borders is on the line, Advantech Wireless Technologies is a key factor in coordinating a strong national response in order to keep citizens safe and borders secure.


Enhance National Security with Advanced Communication Technologies

Advantech Wireless’ advanced technologies can help you improve Homeland Security operations and keep borders secure.

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