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Increased Bandwidth Gives You the Freedom to Explore

In the Oil & Gas industry, working in remote and austere environments is simply part of the job. With that in mind, workers in the field need to stay in constant communication with headquarters to ensure continuity of operations and access centralized resources. In recent years, the demand for enhanced communications capabilities on board Oil & Gas rigs has led Advantech Wireless to develop innovative new solutions to meet the needs of energy clients. Communications links that may have sufficed in the past can no longer support the bandwidth-hungry needs of today’s applications for commercial monitoring, control functions, data analysis, safety management and crew welfare. Oil & Gas companies are implementing new applications on board vessels and on offshore platforms, such as real-time monitoring systems, ERP systems and videoconferencing.

As bandwidth demands increase, energy clients can achieve considerable increase in performance and lower OPEX by implementing compact broadband satellite communications equipment, which takes up less deck real estate and provides higher bandwidth. Advantech Wireless provides advanced solutions that reduce costs and improve communications capabilities onboard vessels and refineries as well as at mainland headquarters. Improvements in satellites, antenna systems and BUCs are enabling Oil & Gas companies to meet their demand for higher bandwidth on offshore platforms and vessels.


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