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The AMR Streamline portfolio offers the most modern PDH product on the market. With high reliability and fast deployment it enables cost efficient point-to-point transmission solutions for cellular as well as private, public and fixed network operators. The AMR Streamline portfolio presents a very user friendly, completely modular and flexible design, which is well proven in all climate zones. It is available in the 7-38 GHz frequency bands and the capacity is extremely flexible, different traffic interfaces from 2xE1 to 17xE1, E3 E1 and Ethernet can be selected on site. With the best receiver thresholds on the market and high output power, you can use smaller antennas, saving costs, achieve a better availability or implement longer hops. The pioneering traffic routing concept enables software controlled traffic routing on E1 level integrated in each terminal for total control from one single point of operation and minimized need for external cabling. The functionality of the AMR Streamline portfolio is completely software controlled. The embedded management system is based on open standard protocols. Equipment can be added without reconfigurations and routing paths are automatically discovered. As an option a high level network manager can provide a real-time overview of the complete network. The management traffic is routed via one or more radio terminals in an Embedded Control Channel (ECC). A timeslot is taken from the E1 user traffic and used for control signalling. Management traffic from various radio terminals may be switched via the management network to an E1 link containing multiple management terminal channels, which can be fed via a router to the management terminal site. By using ECCs, it is easy to manage the AMR part of a network independently of the data communication network surrounding it.

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