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With support of true over-the-air gigabit traffic and flexible support of Ethernet and TDM, the AMR Transcend 600 SDH/PDH carrier grade microwave radio is the high capacity, high performance, and flexible solution to demanding transmission and telecom applications including backhauling 3G/4G traffic and Wireless Broadband Networks such as WiMAX, Metro WiFi, UMTS TDD, and private communication networks carrying data, voice, and video traffic. Transcend 600 can be flexibly configured as a PDH, SDH or IP radio. Modulation and data throughput rates are programmable from QPSK to 128 QAM or up to 600 Mbps for a single IDU or true 1 Gbps aggregated traffic from a coupled IDU. The standard 16x E1/T1 and 100BaseTX interfaces can be optionally augmented to include Gigabit Ethernet, expansion up to 63 E1/T1s, E3/DS3/STS-1, STM-1, and 2xSTM-1. Protected and East/West repeater configurations are supported within a single 1RU chassis resulting in compact installations with minimum cabling. For the highest reliability, Transcend 600 supports ring configurations including self-healing SDH/Sonet rings. Nodal traffic grooming is supported through Transcend 600‰’s Crosspoint Switch and Add/Drop multiplexer. The integrated Add/Drop Multiplexer allows mapping of up to 223 E1s or 284 T1s to the East Modem (maximum 64E1/84T1), West Modem (maximum 64E1/84T1), and Local Front Panel (maximum 63E1/63T1) as well as local STM-1 Ports. Transcend 600 includes a secure Embedded Element Manager (Web interface, Telnet, and SSH) built upon open standards. Allgon Microwave‰’s optional NetWay Manager‰™ is a complete network management suite compatible with all Allgon Microwave‰’s point-to-point microwave radios.

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