Transcend 800 Performance IP, TDM, and Broadcast Microwave Radio (T800)


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Transcend 800 Performance IP, TDM, and Broadcast Microwave Radio (T800)


  • Advanced Radio and Digital Signal Processing- Up to 380 Mbps over-the-air throughput for single IDU configurations and multiple Gbps over-the-air throughput for aggregated traffic.
  • True Adaptive Coding and Modulation (True ACMTM) – Transcend‰™ 800 automatically adjusts coding and modulation rates, without any payload error, to changing environmental conditions. This allows for sustained availability at overall higher capacity.
  • High speed IP traffic ‰- Gigabit Routing and Switching – Transcend‰™ 800 includes a full featured built-in Layer 2 Gigabit Switch and Layer 3 Gigabit router. High Speed IP traffic is scalable up to Gbps with low latency.
  • Broadcast capabilities built-in – Transcend‰™ 800 carries MPEG data carried directly from broadcast equipment through integrated DVB-ASI interfaces over the microwave link. The DVB-ASI interfaces support standard definition, high definition, and Digital 3D broadcast applications. With the built-in 10MHz clock, broadcast network can carry a high stability Stratum 2 clock to each site and avoid installing the costly GPS equipment.
  • Add and Drop feature for TDM traffic – Transcend‰™ 800 offers SDH/SONET and SPDH capabilities with powerful Add/Drop Multiplex solution for TDM traffic
  • Flexible Installation Configuration – Transcend‰™ 800 is available in split-mount version in all RF bands and in full-indoor configuration for lower RF bands

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