Transcend 200 – High Speed IP and TDM Microwave Radio with True ACM (T200)


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  • Advanced Microwave Radio and Digital Signal Processing Up to 200 Mbps over-the-air throughput for single IDU configurations.
  • True Adaptive Coding and Modulation (True ACMTM) Transcend 200 automatically adjusts coding and modulation rates, without any payload error, to changing environmental conditions. This allows for sustained availability at overall higher capacity.
  • High Speed IP Traffic – Gigabit Switching Transcend 200 Transcend 200 includes a full featured integrated Layer 2 Gigabit Switch supporting low latency.
  • Nodal Traffic Grooming Flexible support of IP, TDM, and mixed IP/TDM traffic with prioritarization via quality and cost of service.
  • Native IP and TDM Maximize bandwidth utilization and radio capacity as IP and TDM traffic transmitted over-the-air without re-encapsulation. Transcend 200 also supports transmission of mixed native IP and native TDM traffic over-the-air.

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